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martes, 23 de enero de 2018

#Dictator in #Venezuela: #PrisonforMaduro is where he should go

“Similar to Europe receiving Arabic migrants, Latino America is receiving Venezuelans”
The year 2008 shows the reality of the Bolivarian Revolution, the Maduro familiar - clan control have overcome the barriers of the International rights and internal laws in Venezuela, and the country
ordeal is a fact “announced since 2016 during the crisis of the toile paper” (NAÍM & TORO, 2016). Today while the local opposition is being eliminated with violence, and more than 3 million Venezuelans have been subjected to forced migration, the dictator is showing interest in coming to attend the Summit of the Americas in Lima on next April.

<Is Maduro the successor of Fidel Castro?
According to Enrique Dussel, founder of the Philosophy of Liberation movement, the Bolivarian Revolution has been passing through a forced decolonization and a new political ethic (DUSSEL & HERNANDEZ, 2016), and in 2018, is showing a new face, not precisely the face propitiated by extinct president Hugo Chavez, Maduro’s face has more related to the socialists setbacks in Ecuador, Argentina, and Brazil, an to the possibility of expansion to other countries in Latin America (Colombia, Paraguay and Peru).

<A new type of “extreme political caviar[1]
It only takes one reading of Charles Darwin “Trip Diary” to set apart all imagination and to comprehend that “due to the human perfectionism” (author emphasis) is greater the difference between “a human savage and a civilized human” than the difference between the “wild animal and the domestic animal” (DARWIN, "Diario del Viaje de un Nturalista alrededor del mundo" (En el navío S.M "Beagle"), 1845, pp. 254, 621), and notice the message of Darwin monumental work where “the species change as a result of their new needs” and that “during the surviving struggle the less favored species are eliminated and survive the more apts.” (DARWIN, "El Origen de las Especies", 1859). Is in this manner that the Maduro clan revolution without recognizing own errors or corruption, has made way to a new type of “extreme political caviar” now found in every level of authority, responsible for the violence, the lack of governability, the corruption and the illegal practices affecting Venezuela, that every day is attracting more and more international attention and critics.

<Maduro a politician Noah
The Bolivarian Revolution expelling more than 30 types of exiled, between economists, politicians (rejected), and criminals, between balandros, bankers, professionals, ill people, bureaucrats, and corrupts has brought effects to Latin America cities, as well as Cuba did 50 years ago. On the future the Systems thinking on these cities will move away from the notion of linear cause and effect and instead will consider the evolution of the whole given the social nature of its constituent parts. (INSTITUTE FOR ECONOMICS AND PACE (IEP), 2015, p. 15)

Contrary to the effect of the migration to Latin America cities, the Maduro revolution will resemble the Noah Arc Trip, in which on this new arc history, Maduro has selected people for his revolution trip, started it, and after some years, today in 2018, he has sent a pigeon and the bird has came back showing there are new lands at sight and then, he wants to visit us, he wants to see ho well we have done, of course he has forgotten the people he forced out to our lands, now he wants us to copy his system.
For these reasons, Maduro is not welcomed, and never will be at least in this blog.


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[1] Today the meaning of the term “caviar” has extended, initially considered a political character “of high status” thanks to his access to public funds, now with the growing number of cases of corruption in which these people have been involved, the term has been mixed with corrupt, and inside the corruption definitions.

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