Conocemos de los riesgos y las amenazas actuales y ofrecemos soluciones especificas a nivel nacional. Tenemos capacidad de diagnostico y te ayudamos a terminar la seguridad de tu Plan, seas Persona o Institución.
We know our actual risks and threats and offer specific solutions at national level. We can diagnose and help you finishing your Security Plan, whether if you are a Person or a representative of an institution.

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martes, 26 de mayo de 2015

The Workplace Violence Prevention eReport Volume May/June 2015 by Barry Nixon (Update included below)

"Dedicated to helping you eliminate violence in your workplace"
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We received the english recent edition of the Workplace Violenc e-Report by Barry Nixon.
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Please take note of the following update in the May report

The article 'Boxed Up' on page 15 can be found at the following link 

The article “Guns on Company Property: Think Twice before Taking Action” on page 7 is a duplicate. The following article should have appeared in its place:

 Five Steps to a Proactive Threat Management Strategy 
IBM recent report, ‘Predictive Threat and Fraud Analytics: Meeting the Challenges of a smarter Planet’ focuses on information threats and fraud, however, there are some valuable insights that can be gleaned by applying the principles identified to the threat of workplace violence. “In order for organizations to manage threats [of all kinds] in today’s intelligent, instrumental and interconnected world, they [companies] need to look at how to apply business analytics at the point of interaction, where real time, pattern-based strategies merge with situational context.” To move in this direction you should be able to answer five critical questions about your organization’s current strategy. 

Read more (see page 12 to view the Five steps to a proactive threatmanagement strategy)