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sábado, 28 de diciembre de 2013

Peru: ¿hacking scandal or disaffection?

Perú 21 News Image; Peruvian Ministry of Interior
By Jorge Contreras
Experiencing the intelligence activities of American NSA or China APT1, leaks by the Manning, Assange and Snowden generation, taking into account progress and technological capabilities of private and public international intelligence community networks and comparing them with the recent national hacking case with public exposure of a few official classified documents and emails, unmasks the real reason for these facts.

Information presented to the public concern...
  • Experience shows us that this would not be the first time that disaffection and disloyalty are the primary sources of "advanced or researched" journalism in the country.  In reality these cases are those, which are accustomed and absent of statistics.
  • In-country complaints are part of the usual happenings affecting the national political life, usually where 1) it is notorious a sided interest, and 2) open opportunity is taken.
  • The sided interest is easily identifiable, has imperturbable features that can be distinguished, an example of them are the content, origin, etc., etc.. The opportunity, the open window is provided due to a trusted relay, mediocre in terms of security management, expedited, and it can add up a bulging schedule, plans and announcements of change, discomfort with new measures, possible dismissal in which "disaffection and disloyalty" could lead to a scandal to stop what is in motion.
  • That is why, the "hackers interest" is revealed after seen the information lounging together, which is not the result of capacity or technology to boast, but rather obtained from their contacts, or themselves, or a combination of these. 

Sensationalism makes us confuse scenarios...
  • Knowing technological advances and capabilities, the reproduction of information and mails in this case show that their production is recent, by the moment, rushed, and where we could lay no point of comparison with the international scene.
  • That is why we might add that it is a scandal result of disaffection rather than a technical hacking. Just an insignificant event, grown by the sensationalism of the press which accredited it some category.

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